CPU Nationals 2020 Winnipeg

Last week The Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some of the strongest men and women in Canada gathered to showcase their strengths in Squat, Bench and Deadlifts. 

I was able to qualify for this years Nationals with my qualifying total from Provincials last November in Bowmanville, Ontario.

This was my first experience lifting on a National Level Platform. What an incredible experience from start to finish.  

There was a total of 6 very strong and awesome women in my M1 72kg category. I knew medal contention was probably out of range for this year but went in to it with the mindset small Pr’s and confidence in the platform. I struggle with platform anxiety especially being that my weakest lift being squat is up first.  I brought my opener down quite low to settle my stresses. It’s one of those things. You really need to hit your opener and the rest is butter. I was able to go 3 for 3 on squats with Coach Barry saying 3rd lift 270.1lbs probably should have been an opener!

Bench went 2 for 3 failing on the third lift which was ok. Didn’t hit any Pr’s but matched Provincial numbers at 170.1 lbs.

Deadlifts also went 2 for 3. Was given a no lift for last of 336 lbs for my shoulders not being back enough so in other words soft lock out.  Still very happy with the lift and will use to move onward and upward. 

Moving forward I have lots to work on. My coach was able to see me during a meet and watch my performance.  Glute and hamstring strengthening will be key for my next block. Working on getting my squat numbers up closer to 300lbs. Also hoping to put a bit of muscle on over the next few months. As a 72 kg lifter I competed at 66.56 kg which is on the very low end. Most of my competition comes in around 70kg. Size gives strength so let’s do this! 

Thanks to everyone who followed my journey and sent love! Nationals in 2021 will be held in St. John’s Newfoundland. Hoping to be able to bring a stronger girl for 2021. 

Anyone who has an interest in powerlifting I highly recommend checking out a local meet done by the Ontario Powerlifting Association. These list meets, dates, info, requirements, etc., on their site www.ontariopowerlifting.org

I got LVD Media to take some pics and will share as soon as they are in!

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