Glute Activation Exercises & Why They're So Important

Glute Activation-Why Is It So Important?

It's well known that we must warm up prior to a workout in order to be more efficient and safer during a training session.

Activating the glute muscles before performing more complex movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges etc. is particularly important for a few key reasons:

  • Helps turn on the right muscles which in turn help them to fire optimally when needed during training.
  •  Helps save any surrounding muscles (quads, hams, low back) which may try to compensate when the glutes don’t fire properly in turn leading to injury.

Learning how to strengthen and fire up the glute muscles has proven to be beneficial in training. It also allows for optimal utilization and performance. Stronger glutes leads to stronger lifts! Athletes with stronger glutes are faster, more efficient, and more explosive in their movements.

Strong glutes not only increase athletic power but also reduce the risk of injury. Weak glutes can cause low back pain, knee pain, tight hip flexors, and muscle imbalances. Firing these muscles properly can help alleviate the back pain many of us may be suffering from due countless hours of sitting or standing. 

Glute Activation Exercises

Here are a few quick exercises you can include as part of your warm up routine.  The only equipment needed is a loop band.  

Things to Remember:

The goal here is to wake up the muscles, not to fatique them! Make sure to choose a reasonable rep scheme, focus on quality, not quantity! These exercises can also be performed just to wake up the glutes after extended periods of inactivity. 

1. Glute Bridge

2. Bird Dog

3. Fire Hydrant

4. Banded lateral walk

5. Banded Hip Abduction



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